Welcome. We're really glad you found us.

Juliane James Place is a wedding venue and vacation rental carved into the middle of the woods in the middle of Minnesota. Weddings are really fun at Juliane James Place. And that makes us really happy.

We are an inclusive, welcoming space with a history of diverse ceremonies. Most folks have dogs or love them dearly. We've even had a cat, named Scuttle, on hand for a wedding. 

It's a space guests can't really imagine until they arrive, that they don't want to leave at the end of the night.

We are currently paused for booking but will resume booking for 2019 + 2020 in mid-2019.



We keep things simple at JJP.  You can take it where you'd like from there.  We provide the venue basics you need, with a few extra inclusions to make getting married stress-free. Personalize the space how you'd like. Simple as that.



We are located in Finlayson, MN, a little less than two hours north of the Twin Cities and an hour south of Duluth. Juliane James Place hosts ten weddings annually of up to 150 guests, from June to October. 

The property is a 2017 MN Bride Best Of Finalist for Best Minnesota Destination Wedding Venue.