A place positively made for possibility

Soon after Jesse and Alyson Newquist moved from Brooklyn to Minneapolis, Alyson got it in her head that they should buy some land, somewhere "up north," where everyone seemed to go on the weekends. Her parents had passed away within the few years prior and she wanted to make a place where happy things happened and where families, including their own, could make new memories. Jesse agreed. 

When the couple decided to get married, they set out looking for a property for their wedding. They found Juliane James Place in 2010 and knew this was the land they wanted to get married on. It needed a lot of work to become a venue, but it was the spot. Then they worked, and worked some more, and learned a lot of new skills. 



The couple married at the property in July 2011 and again, legally, in 2013. MN Bride Magazine featured their wedding and Style Me Pretty chose it as one of the 10 Style-Fabulous Real Weddings for their Fashion and Beauty Magazine. 

Alyson helps companies strategize on growth and innovation. Jesse works in Finance at Target. They are obsessed with their dogs, Dinosaur and Tuesday.