where weddings in the woods happen well
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About Juliane James Place

Juliane James Place is a destination wedding venue located in Finlayson, MN, a little less than 2 hours north of the Twin Cities & an hour south of Duluth. 

We are what was until very recently the middle of the woods. We are a space that wedding guests can’t imagine until they arrive. We saw this land and thought this is the place to make what we couldn't find elsewhere. 

Then we learned how to make that happen. We got married here. Then amazing clients came our way with amazing families who also believed in making weddings reflect who a couple is. And we felt humbled and joyful.

Juliane James Place hosts ten weddings annually of up to 150 guests from mid-June to mid-October. 



We care about art and love and the thrill of doing new things.

We believe in love passionately and produced a space for all couples to get married as equals.

We yearn to be in the middle of happiness so much we started a business where we could help make it happen.

We think weddings can be minimalist, or not - that they should be a reflection of the couple.

We hope that we can help make your wedding what you dream for it to be.



The Owners

Jesse and Alyson Newquist moved to MN from Brooklyn in 2009. When they found Juliane James Place in 2010 they knew this was the land they wanted to get married on. It needed a lot of work to become a venue, but it was the spot. Then they worked, and worked some more, and learned a lot of new skills. 

The couple married in July 2011 and again, legally, in 2013. MN Bride Magazine featured their wedding and Style Me Pretty chose it as one of the 10 Style-Fabulous Real Weddings for their Fashion and Beauty Magazine. 

Alyson's current focus is Rentivist.com, which she co-founded. Jesse works in Finance at Target. They are obsessed with their dogs, Dinosaur and Tuesday.



The Operators

Alexandra McLennan manages Juliane James Place when she isn't busy perfecting the finer DIY arts or taking photos of her cats, Ziggy and Oscar. 2016 marked her fifth season at JJP and Bash Collective doing event design and coordination and generally knowing what's up, what needs to be done, and how to make it all happen flawlessly.

Alex and/or Alyson are the hands on deck for wedding weekends and all the weekends of prep leading up to those weekends. They really love what they do.